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Kopuz Makina




Kopuz Makina was founded in 2001 by Mechanical Engineer Tevfik KOPUZ. The company, which entered the food machinery manufacturing sector with the sandwich splitting machine it took its first steps, achieved a great success in a short time. It has become a pioneer in the sector with various products such as Bagel Machine, Sandwich Splitting Machine, Automatic Sesame Machine, Dough Cutting and Wicking Machine, Kebab Machine, Molasses Machine, Lavash Press Machine.

Our company has continued to expand its product range and increase its production capacity by walking with a constantly developing and growing journey. From the small-scale production in the first years to the present, it has become a strong brand that exports to 60 countries with 18 different machine types.


Kopuz Machinery

Kopuz Machinery

As Kopuz Makina, our products have been produced in accordance with the Food Machinery Manufacturing Regulation since 2001. All surfaces requiring dough contact are made of stainless steel. The electrical materials we use comply with international standards. Our machines are CE Certified.