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Dough Cutting and Roving Machine

Dough cutting and roving machine used in the production of oil lamps, cookie donuts, forks, cakes and similar products

We offer the ideal solution for the perfect shapes of your delicious products! Meet the Dough Cutting and Roving Machine. This special machine is designed to produce your products such as oil lamp ring, cookie donuts, forks, dry cakes quickly and precisely.

The machine is capable of cutting dough in weights ranging from 10 gr to 300 gr, so you can easily produce your different products. With 180 mm blade width and 5 different cutting blades, it allows your products to be cut the way you want.

You can adjust the weight with a single button thanks to the electronic counter. Thanks to this feature, you can make your transactions faster and more efficient. Cutting capacity of up to 8000 items per hour is designed to meet high production demands.

The rollers of the machine are made of polyethylene material, while maintaining the sensitivity of your product, while at the same time facilitating cleaning. The parts in contact with the dough made of stainless steel provide hygiene and durability.

For the perfect shapes and quality of your products, the Dough Cutting and Roving Machine can be your best assistant. Make your work more efficient with its high capacity, precise cuts and ease of use. Do not hesitate to contact us for details and order.

  • Model

  • CAPACITY | Piece (Hour)
  • code

  • 8000
  • 10 – 300 GR
  • 1.5 KW
  • 380 V
  • 200 KG
  • 70 CM
  • 150 CM
  • 170 CM
  • -

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